Meet Stephanie Rockey

Stephanie Rockey, is a driven and high performance entrepreneur. Stephanie, a marketing and business maven, is also a renowned relationship expert and spiritual activist. Her mission is to bring cutting edge strategies and powerful results to all facets of life with her Real World Talk™ TV show and podcast, and live training program – Profit From Your Edge™ – helping to make dreams a reality.

Profit From Your Edge™ Live Training

with Stephanie Rockey

Stephanie Rockey

Dream it. Believe it. Execute it. Live it.

Read Stephanie Rockey’s inspirational story on how she overcame adversity and trauma to being a driven, high performance entrepreneur that is respected nationally as a marketing and business thought leader, renowned relationship expert, and spiritual activist. Learn how she built her advertising agency from “scratch” to one of Washington D.C.’s top marketing firms. Stephanie’s dream is to equip people so they can evolve in a rapidly changing technology movement, engage people with the skills necessary to communicate and perform better at work and in relationships, and empower people to learn new perspectives that continually transform their lives filled with happiness and abundance.


Learn How Stephanie Rockey Built So Many Successful Brands

FREE E-Book revealing 7 strategies how to break through the clutter and gain brand dominance in a fiercely competitive marketplace, where consumers suffer from information overload and A.D.D.

Ladies Listen Up! Straight talk on men, sex, money, career, family and loving relationships

This book will give you guidance on not only what you are doing wrong, but also how to make positive changes that will lead to a successful life and relationship. You will discover further insights into how to achieve a happy, healthy, successful life, and long-term loving relationship.

Upcoming Book

The Driven Life

Stephanie’s story of practical,
proven steps how to transform
a broken life to a blessed life of
abundance and happiness
living free from procrastination,
envy, anger, self-pity,
compulsion, neediness, guilt,
anxiety, depression, inaction
and more.